• Helen Molyneux

Finding Our Feet

So it's been a long time since we blogged. We've never blogged as the new colourful dove. We have a lot of word of mouth business designing logos, creating brand strategies and writing marketing plans.

We felt we didn't need to.

We also felt hypocritical.


We spend our time showing people how to market themselves and a blog is a definite 'do'. So why weren't we? Well, um, er...

Yep no reason. Just hypocritical.

Blogs are a fantastic way to tell people more about your brand. More about your story of why you're in existence.

With that in mind, we are colourful dove.

Founded by husband and wife team in 2013. We started our journey designing and manufacturing children's tableware. It was great. We sold a lot of bowls, plates and cups and were stocked in some really cool retailers, got coverage in some fantastic press including Vogue, Monocle, Daily Telegraph and Elle Decoration. We were featured by several of the big mummy bloggers of the time.

And then our colourful world fell apart. My co-founder, husband, best friend and daddy to our girls, passed away.

I put everything on hold while I figured out how to survive. We took some time out and went travelling because the last place I wanted to be was here, at home, selling kids tableware without Mark. So while we were away (that's me and our two daughters) I had the time to think about what life meant to me now and how I was going to navigate our new normal without my best friend.

colourful dove had to change. The design and marketing side of the business which is what my career was before colourful dove, was the element that still sparked. And that's where I started again.

I started working with other like minded people to deliver great brands, marketing and design to small businesses and charities. All word of mouth.

But being hypocritical is not something we're proud of, which is why we're addressing it now. Better late than never. And better late than badly! So now we have found our feet and are ready to talk to the world about branding, marketing and design and everything in between.

We hope you'll join us on the journey.


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