• Helen Molyneux

Happy Colourful New Year!

So 2017 is here and we could all do the 'new me, new this, new that' thing! How about this year we don't! How about this year we don't stop drinking in January or start a diet or a sport that we fully intend to give up by 15th January if we're really committed!

We could just opt off the band wagon and go off piste and break all the rules!

This stems from a lovely conversation with our daughter about resolutions.

We asked the usual amongst our friends and their kids on New Year's Eve as Robbie sang his heart out and anti-bac'd his hands, what are your resolutions?

We asked our daughter, and after explaining a few times what resolutions are, we got a profound response - 'stay courageous and have fun!'


So no giving up this, that and the other or promising to be the fittest, happiest, shiniest version of us we can be just simply stay courageous and have fun. Love it.

Stay courageous lovely colourful people and most of all have fun!

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