• Helen Molyneux

pick your own halloween

Autumn is an incredible time to get out and enjoy colour. It's everywhere. Sunny autumn days just bring everything to life.

We went to a pumpkin field to choose our pumpkins for halloween. We went to Secretts garden centre in Milford, Surrey. It was a first for us, but judging by how packed it was we are very late to the 'pick your own pumpkin' party! Pick your own strawberries - got it! Pick your own pumpkin?!

It's now on the family tradition list. It was the best fun. From tiny cute as buttons pumpkins to massive 'I can't pick it up' pumpkins. The mass of colour was incredible.

As well as a couple of big pumpkins, we brought home a gorgeously tiny one to carve. Let's be honest, it was carving hell. So tiny! It looked really cute though until the dog ate it.


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