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about us


colourful dove started life back in 2003 as a company selling design led products for kids. After the loss of one of the founders we had a bit of time away from the business to find out what made our world colourful again. 


We found that people and their stories mattered more to us than selling things.  So we fell back on our marketing and design backgrounds and now use our skills as marketers to help people connect with brands to feel part of community; part of something bigger.  


We’re still called colourful dove.  We think it works. The dove is commonly known as the symbol of motherhood. Every brand needs a mother’s love to see the good in it and go brag about it to all the neighbours! That’s us! We’ll find the good stuff and help you shout about it loud and proud.


We still love colour. But it’s OK if you don’t and you just want black. Black is good. Solid. Confident. Serious. We can work with black.


If you need an extra pair of hands to help manage your marketing, we’re here. If you need to outsource it completely, we’re ready. We want to join your tribe and help you to make meaningful connections.


Join us for a ‘good’ revolution.  What’s your good story?